"Every time I scroll down my Timeline, I look for you, looking for me"
-- Nitya Prakash

The search begins

Ann begins researching in Randolph County, MO.

Pam starts her research

Pam begins researching in Randolph County, MO.
A & P meet virtually in the Fall when P call A at UPS from Chicago.
A aids P in researching: verify, phone call. P finds comrade.

A new discovery

April. Pam calls Ann in Tacoma with discovery which Cecy points out.

They meet in person

Recovery, meet in person.
Africa, six years - 1993-1996

Presentation in Idaho

First presentation – Idaho after makeshift dress rehearsal at UPS.

A radio show, a meltdown

Coast to Coast show
1997: Meltdown on Vashon.

Lifetime TV and more

Lifetime TV for Women (Beyond Chance with Melissa Etheridge)

More trouble!

Second meltdown

Oprah enters the picture

Oprah Winfrey Show (Unlikely Friendships)

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Highlights of Pam and Ann’s Appearance on Oprah