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"We keep working on the narrative and the hearts of 'our people' until it takes less than a lynching in broad daylight in 2020 to outrage our hard hearts."
-- Karen Branan

We could not undertake our projects alone. Meet a few of the people who help us believe we can accomplish almost anything.


Lorraine Bardeen

Lorraine Bardeen leads Strategy, Production, and Commercial and Media Partnerships for Microsoft HoloLens and several Windows apps and services. She and her team work closely with development studios to craft groundbreaking experiences for Microsoft HoloLens across genres and audiences and to build a rich content portfolio that will inspire creativity and innovation in the new medium. Previously, Lorraine led the Microsoft IoT (Internet of Things) Business Group for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Lorraine is Ann’s beloved step-daughter. She has counseled Ann and Pam on strategy related to their projects.


Carol Bloom

Carol Bloom is a professional mediator, facilitator and trainer working nationally and internationally. She specializes in workplace mediation, team development, organizational communication and change facilitation using the Transformative Mediation model. Carol has worked in the field of inter and intra ethnic conflict communication with Balkan Roma (Gypsies) in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Serbia and refugee populations living in Italy and Germany. Carol is a long-time friend of Ann and has become a good friend to Pam as well. At the request of Ann and Pam, she has mediated interpersonal disputes between the two when times were tough.


Carrie Lewis

Carrie Lewis designs, implements, and manages programs that improve access to quality education around the world. She is most interested in linking schools with their local communities to achieve quality education. Carrie has used mother tongue instruction and interactive audio instruction to design programs that are both context-relevant and sustainable for teachers. Her work has supported system-wide reform in Qatar, Benin, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Malawi, Zambia and the United States. Carrie is a good friend of Pam. Over the years, she has encouraged Pam and Ann to turn their story into an enduring product.


LaSean Smith

LaSean Smith is a seasoned technology executive who has worked on some of the largest consumer technology products in the world. He began his career in the US Navy, built his software engineering and user experience skills at early-stage startups, and helped pioneer entertainment services on mobile phones. He has founded multiple companies and worked as a consultant for Cablevision, Sony, T-Mobile, Target and Warner Brothers Studios. He currently manages the Windows Experiences business design team at Microsoft. LaSean was introduced to Ann and Pam by Lorraine Bardeen. He has contributed his expertise on story development.

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