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“We cannot heal the deep wounds inflicted during the era of racial terrorism until we tell the truth about it.”
 -- Bryan Stevenson.


We are excited to announce that we’re in pre-production and seeking funding for Our Entangled Lives, a documentary feature that tells our story from its roots to the present. 

“History floats in and out of this unfinished story and ever migrating friendship.” – Loria King, director

We use wide shots with deep focus as four narratives weave together. The linear, equally- weighted narrative structure of the two main characters is told simultaneously. The third narrative evolves as the friendship develops between the main characters, Pam and Ann, while the fourth is the nuanced history of American racial conflict through which their stories weave to the present. Filmed interviews, letters, poems, and photographs draw the viewer into their intimate relationship as historical footage contextualizes the parallel narrative. Family trees illustrate each main character’s timeline to keep the viewer oriented as symbolic tree roots intertwine, mirroring their entangled lives, and water flows over rocks, embodying change and the movement of time.


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